Woven Fabrics Collection for Sportswear & Outerwears ( with available stock - different vibrant colours )
( 20 different weaving way with available stock in different colour )

- CF23 : 4-Way Stretch Softshell Fabric, with 69 running stock colours

- CF25 Microfibre Ottoman with Peach Effects, width: 150cm, with 66 different colours

- CF62 Breathable & Water-proof Woven Cotton Sheeting 120x110 Fabrication, with 21 running stock colours - Sportswear

- CF66 Microfibre Twill with Peach Finishing, width:150cm,with 105 different colours

- CF68 Cotton / Polyester Canvas Pre-Shrinkage & Anti-Pilling Effects, width: 150cm, with 26 different colours

- CF69 Cotton / Polyester Heavy Canvas Pre-Shrinkage & Anti-Pilling Effects, width: 150cm, with 20 different colours

- CF70 NYLON DOBBY width: 150cm, with 17 different colours

- CF71 Nylon Ottoman with PU Coating, width: 150cm, with 24 different colours

- CF73 Functional Soft Nylon with Anti-UV and Wind Resistant Effect, width: 150cm, with 79 different colours

- CF74 Cotton / Polyester Twill with No Shrinkage Effect, width: 150cm, with 44 different colours

CF81 4-Way Stretch Polyester-Rayon / Cotton Lycar Twill, width:150cm, with 24 different colours

- CF83 Polyester Rayon Dobby Poplin, width: 150cm, with 8 differnet colours

- CF84 Heavy Micro Twill with Moss Effect, width 150cm, with 23 different colours

- CF85 Micro Flannel, width: 150cm, with 16 different colours

- CF86 Cotton Poplin with lycra, width: 125cm, with 20 different colours

- CF97 Functional Soft Nylon Ribstop With Anti-Static And Water-Resistant Effect, width:150cm, with 7 different colours

- CF118 Micro Twill with Moss Effect, width 145cm, with 47 different colours